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What should you do during your stay in old port Montréal?

If you have chosen to visit Montreal, we can definitely say that you made a great choice!!!
Montreal offers a huge variety of activities that for sure will suit all the visitors.
Let’s start by the most famous area in Montreal – the Old Port and the Old Montreal – where you can find   a wide range of attractions.

Walking tours

Old Montréal and the old port area also offers close access to some of the most historical areas within the city including walking tours that can cover the Notre Dame Basilica, Place d’Armes, Bon-Secours market and more famous sites. Going through these areas with an experienced guide can help to make sure that nothing is missed and you can truly learn the accurate history of the area.

Cruise the St. Lawrence

There are many boat and paddle boat rentals throughout Montréal and the St. Lawrence. You could consider renting other jet ski or enjoying a leisurely afternoon on a paddle boat making your way up and down the river coastline.
You prefer enjoying a nice meal with a splendid view over the city, then the Bateau-Mouche is the place to go.

Tour the clock tower

This heritage building looks out over the old port and it has been classified as a protected site since the year 1996. If you are willing to climb up the 192 steps to the top, you can see stunning views of the river as well as the city. This is a completely free attraction too!

Zip line adventures

In the spring and summer old port Montréal turns into one of the largest urban zip line circuits in the world. With an 85 foot tall tower you can tour across the old port in adrenaline pumping style! Enjoy the ride !

Helicopter tours

One of the finest ways to see Mt. Royal and downtown Montréal is via helicopter tours. There are helicopter tours available fairly close by through transit and this can be an unforgettable way to see the city and all of its major landmarks.

Pointe-à-Callière Museum

This is a national archaeological and historic site presenting centuries of history from the settlements of our Indigenous People to the present day. Located on a spot occupied by humans for more than a thousand years and on the very site where Montréal was founded, the Museum is home to some remarkable architectural ruins that are showcased on site.

Consider any of these top attractions during your Old port stay in Montreal.
Contact us if you look for other types of activities, we could definitely guide you and provide some suggestions to maximize your experience in our great city.

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